Ironing boards, or ironing tables as they used to be called, have remained largely unchanged since around the mid 1800s, but now consumer electronics startup Sharkk has unveiled the Flippr, an ironing board with one simple difference: it flips over, so you can iron both sides of the garment without moving it. The tedious task is further sped up with the help of accessories like pants clips, a wire shelf for the iron, and a detachable detail board for sleeves and collars.

Most of the innovation in the exciting world of ironing has been in the iron itself, with things like the Collar Perfect to better reach the fiddly parts of a shirt, and the Panasonic 360-degree iron that moves in any direction. The Flippr boasts a similar 360-degree gimmick, as the board can rotate along the horizontal axis to let the user get to the other side of the garment without taking it off the board and messing up their own handiwork.

The board pivots at one end, so flipping it won’t involve moving the whole frame. Both sides of the ironing surface are identical, so it works fine either way up, and it’s torso-shaped to better hold shirts in place. Sharkk claims the design can cut the ironing process down to two minutes per shirt, which is good news for those who feel like they waste too much time on the chore each week or, as the company points out, those who just can’t be bothered ironing at all.

Other time-saving accessories of the Flippr include the pants clips and the iron pocket, both visible...

Besides the flipping idea, the board comes with a few extra accessories to help trim that time down. A small detail board slides out from one end to help with sleeves and collars, and an included pair of clips will hold pants in place while they’re ironed. While you’re flipping the board or changing clothes, the iron can sit safely out of the way in a little rack at one end, which is detachable or folds away underneath the board.

It’s all mounted on a solid aluminum frame, which Sharkk says will last a lifetime (although it’s only under warranty for two years). That frame can be set to one of eight height levels, depending on how tall the user is or if they feel like sitting down, and of course it all folds flat for storage, with a handle and wheels making it easy to cart around.

Sharkk is currently seeking funding for the Flippr on Kickstarter, and it’s already doubled its target of US$20,000. Pledges start at $99, and the company is claiming that US customers will be able to get their hands on a board in time for Christmas – an extremely tight deadline, considering the campaign ends on December 18. For the rest of the world, shipping is planned for February 2017.

Check out the campaign video below.

Source: newatlas

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