About me

I’m Sadeq Ahmed Qasem, a Kuwaiti inventor, and I’ve born on December 6, 1984. I’ve been awarded the Best Invention Award and given the title of “ARAB INVENTOR” for the year 2010 by Stars of Science TV show, from among 7000 participating inventors. Despite having more than 20 inventions in different fields, “ALCHEMIST” was one of my greatest inventions that I’m very proud of. I’ve been graduated from the Kuwait University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, and from the Ahlia University (Bahrain) with a Master degree in Business & Administrative. On the personal level, my life challenges and experience since childhood have given me an opportunity to develop a good understanding of the person I am. I joined the Kuwait Science Club in 1995, as I was interested in inventions. Although I’ve achieved many Gold medals, prizes and many of my inventions got patented in USA, Serving my country and getting the Nobel Prize have always been my passions. Therefore, I tend to keep up with the cutting edge of technologies to serve me in pursuing my boundless goals. At the present time I’m the head of invention development department at Sabah AL-Ahmad Center (SAC) under the umbrella of Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science (KFAS). There is wisdom inspires me in my life that says “The most beautiful architecture (engineering) in life is to build a bridge of hope over a sea of despair”, and that’s exactly what I believe in… No life with despair as long there is a hope.

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