Did your Thanksgiving dinner turn out a bit bland? Not quite up to code? Maybe it’s all in the technique. Drone manufacturer Autel Robotics has a helpful video that shows how a quadcopter can double as an excellent multi-function kitchen tool that peels, slices, dices, fries, mixes and butters your buns, so to speak, as long as you don’t mind your kitchen getting a touch messy.

The drone in question is Autel’s X-Star Premium, a decent enough looking 4K camera quad that’s probably best described as a Phantom with fewer bells and whistles.

With a 25-minute max flight time and dual GPS with visual position hold, as well as a gimbal-stabilized 4K video camera and 1.2 mile (1.9 km) control range while streaming 720p back to your phone or tablet, it looks like a simple and solid aerial camera that would do 95 percent of what most pilots need for a decent price of US$699.

I’m gonna be honest though and say it doesn’t look like much help as a sous chef but make up your own mind from the video below.


 Source: newatlas

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