his week Microsoft and Apple went head to head in an epic battle to win the hearts of technology buffs everywhere.

Microsoft announced it would be holding an event on Wednesday, and naturally, its competitive frenemy, Apple, chose to host its MacBook event the following day.


Though Apple has a reputation for dazzling fans with impressive events, many people felt it was Microsoft that came out on top this time around.

For Apple’s main event, the company unveiled a new Touch Bar on Macbook Pros. Though captivating and full of emoji, the feature was simply added to the current stable of laptops.

Microsoft, on the other hand, introduced several innovative products like the Surface Studio and Surface Dial, Microsoft Edge and AR/VR Headsets.

After watching the back-to-back hardware events, people flocked to Twitter to passionately declare Microsoft the winner.

Though it was difficult to admit, the two events even caused some die-hard Apple fans to switch teams.

Apple, looks like you might need to stage a serious comeback.

Source: Mashable


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