It’s widely accepted that sitting at a desk all day is bad for our health and a lot of people address this by buying one of the many standing desks that have hit the market in recent years. The Altwork Station was designed to capitalize on this trend and allows users to stand, sit, or recline in order to ensure they remain comfortable and productive.

Intended for those who spend a large chunk of their lives at a computer, the Altwork Station is a pretty hefty piece of kit. It has a footprint of 18 sq ft (1.67 sq m), is set on casters and weighs in at 210 lb (95 kg), so if you didn’t already have posture problems, you’ll likely develop them if you attempt to carry this thing up a flight of stairs on your own.

The basic workstation comprises an ergonomic chair, a small desk, and a large monitor stand, but additional stands and attachments can be purchased at extra cost. Users can opt to sit, stand, or recline, and the various positions are controlled electronically with a small desk-mounted control. Several adjustable levers allow finer control over the workstation’s position too.

Such flexibility comes at a cost, however, and the Altwork Station is set to retail for US$5,900. Early-adopters who want to pre-order now can pay a relatively cheaper $3,900.

The Altwork Station should be available in a few colors but they haven’t been finalized yet. Delivery is expected for mid-2016 on the US West Coast, with the rest of the US following sometime thereafter (no international shipping is available).

Check out the video below to learn more about the Altwork Station.



Source: Gizmag



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